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What is a Construction Drawing Package?

By definition, the construction drawing package is a documentation that lays down the details, specifications and requirements for the construction of a building project. The drawings represent the illustrative part of the document while the specifications represent the written. Specifically, the construction drawing package is broken down into 5 different aspects: architectural, structural, electrical, communications and mechanical.


The Architectural aspect is a technical drawing used by architects to develop a design idea into a clear and concise proposal, to convey concepts, to convince clients for the advantage or benefit of the design, to enable the contractor to build it.

The architectural drawings include floor plans, sheet sizes, units of measurement and scales, annotations and cross referencing.


The structural aspect of the construction package is a plan laying out how a building or another structure will be built. Structural drawings are generally prepared by the preconstruction consultant as well as structural engineers outlining the supplies, material, and resources needed to be used as well as the general demands for connections.


An electrical drawing is a technical drawing that shows information about power, lighting, and communications for the structure that is to be built. Any electrical work that needs to be done for the building has to be accurately conveyed into the engineer’s design for the electrical system to be set up.


The purpose of a mechanical drawing is to accurately describe and provide directions for the production of a building. These directions include notes, dimensions, and all the line of work needed for fabricators.

Construction Drawing Package

This package incorporates the Conceptual Design Package as outlined above. Other components of the drawing package are as follows:

  • Site Plan: Drafted, scaled arrangement which demonstrates such things as hardscape/clearing zones, materials and completions. This arrangement additionally incorporates schematic surface depletes and low-voltage lighting installations.
  • Construction Details: Drawings which depict and appear in more noteworthy detail (i.e. rise drawings) the elements demonstrated on the Site Plan, and give knowledge into the construction and capacity of those elements.
  • Planting Plan: Drafted arrange for which shows the area, name, and size of all planted material.

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