Permit & Planning

During the design stage we will review any zoning by-law, planning and Building code issues that may arise and make adjustments accordingly. Carville Projects Inc. will become the authorized agent for our clients for all municipal meetings, committee hearings, site plan approval applications, and Building permit submission. We will provide our clients with all notices and information from the municipality regarding their application.

Design & Build

Carville will manage and coordinate the completion of the construction drawing package. This will typically include coordination of: site measuring, Interior design, architectural, mechanical, and structural drawings. Further consultants may be needed, for example: Land surveyors, Geotechnical Engineers, Arborists, and urban planners. One of our licensed designers will meet with our with you on a scheduled basis to complete the different stages of the design process. We will provide you with a detailed schedule of the week by week design stages to be completed.

General Contracting

Carville Projects Inc. provides full General Contracting Services. Within this type of contract, the owner has hired a consultant to produce a full set of construction drawings for the proposed project. The consultant will produce bid documents and ask for a competitive bid from possibly multiple General Contractors. Upon the contract being awarded, Carville will begin the overall scheduling and organization of the project; including, safety regulations, sub-contractors, municipal permit requirements, and site equipment. Carville will provide full-time site supervision throughout the entire duration of the project, as well as scheduled on-site meetings with the owners representative. Upon substantial completion, we will work diligently with the consultant to complete all outstanding PDI items prior to turning the space back to the owner.

Construction Management

Carville Projects Inc. can provide full construction management services. We will source several contractors that can execute the project. Carville will manage the tender bidding process from the third party contractors and be transparent with our clients on which sub-contractor should awarded the project. Carville will coordinate all municipal inspections and oversea the on-site project from start to finish. We will provide a full construction schedule so that our clients have a very clear understanding of milestone and completion dates. Carville will handle the progress payment process with the contractor and ensure that milestone stages have been completed in full. Full PDI, Safety, and municipal inspection reports will also be provided to accompany final closeout.