Pre-Construction / October 17, 2016

Role of a Pre-construction Consultant

Drawing on Blueprint

Drawing on Blueprint

Construction is a process that has many stages. These stages not only include the steps that are performed during the actual construction process but what comes before and after it as well. the process of construction needs to be done in an organised manner and one has to take care of many other aspects like the fact that quality materials should be used to ensure the safety.

To carry out the construction process smoothly, it is important to have a skilled and experienced person to look after the entire process. Here comes the role of a pre-construction consultant.

Why is Pre-construction Consulting Needed?

Construction projects can vary in scope and budget. it is required that the entire process is carried out keeping in mind important factors that ensure that the project will be completed safely and smoothly. A pre-construction consultant plays a very significant role in guiding the project.

Project Goals

As mentioned earlier, each construction project has its own scope. By scope, it means how large or small the construction project is. It could also mean the use of the project that is being constructed. Depending on the scope, each project has its own end goals. A pre-construction consultant helps the client to define these goals and helps design the process to meet them.


This is a vital part of any construction project. The consultant can help the client complete the construction project to be completed safely and smoothly within the assigned budget.


A construction process is divided into many steps. Each step is to be completed by a certain time so that the construction reaches its final stage on schedule. The pre-construction consultant helps the client design the process in an organised manner. The schedule is designed so that each stage of the process is completed on time.


Quality can be part of the materials used and the architecture. A pre-construction consultant is responsible for selecting the material that has the quality to be used safely. On the other hand, there are construction specifications so only a certain material can be used.

Construction Drawing Package

The pre-construction consultant will manage and coordinate all required consultants including, but not limited to: Architects, Structural and Mechanical Engineers, Land Surveyors, Arborists, and Interior designers. The major responsibility is to make sure all the drawings are reflective of the correct scope of work and are accurate for the sub-contractors execution. This allows the client to be confident that someone is managing the numerous consultants that are required to put together a full working construction drawing package.

Building Permits & Planning

The pre-construction consultant will review the proposed project in accordance with zoning by-law and local building codes. The pre-construction consultant will represent the client in all matters relating to obtaining building permits for the proposed project, including: meetings with planners and city officials, committee of adjustments representation, zoning by-law review, site-plan approval and PPR, and building permit submission.

Contract Responsibilities

A pre-construction consultant has a significant role to play when it comes to the construction contract. The consultant is required to provide the administration of the contract as it is described in the contract documents. The consultant is to inform the owner about the date of receipt of the contractor’s applications for the payment. The consultant is also supposed to be the first interpreter of requirements that have been mentioned in the contract.

In conclusion, a consultant plays multiple roles during the entire process of the construction. The pre-construction consultant is present to help the client from the beginning to the very end. Therefore, it is important to give value to the guidance provided by them and to understand the authority held in this position. The consultant helps the client with their full potential and expertise throughout the process of construction.

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