Office renovations and re-designs. Retail store design and build-outs. Industrial unit repairs and renovation. Mixed-use buildings: freestanding or additions. Structural rehabilitation of existing buildings. Maintenance services.

Office renovations and re-designs

A typical office renovation and re-design involves a new partition plan, new reception area, full bathroom renovations, and millwork updating. Lighting and sprinkler systems are typically re-located. Office renovations will usually have detailed power supply and data plans in accordance with the specific use of the tenant.


Restaurant design and build projects rely heavily on the number of available seats, bar, and kitchen areas. Detailed mechanical drawings are required for the industrial kitchen specifications, exhaust systems, and freezer components. An experienced designer who understands space planning and traffic flow is required. Interior design and fixed furniture selection is just as important as the menu for attracting customers.

Mixed-use Spaces

Constructing an addition or renovating a mixed use building can be complex. The various uses in the same building pose issues with regards to fire separation and technical building code requirements. Mixed use renovation projects muse be properly planned in advance if certain uses are not to be disturbed during the project duration. Mixed use projects tend to pose problems with existing mechanical that may need to be re-located or updated.

Tenant Improvements

Tenant improvement projects consist of more minor alterations that are needed by the landlord prior to having a new tenant occupy a previously occupied space. The project typically requires new flooring, painting, and some millwork updating, but not a significant re-design.

Retail store design and build-outs

Retail projects involve allot of attention to detail with respect to functional space planning. Interior design, colour selection, and decorating are an integral part of the project. Lighting and sound systems can be critical components as well as display millwork.

Maintenance services

Building maintenance services can consist of very minor repairs or emergency response issues that need to be addressed immediately. These issues may be hindering a current tenants ability to run their business. These issues are typically corrected within days and do not require planning or design.