Permit and Planning

Carville provides coordination of all site plans and building permit approvals, including structural, electrical and plumbing drawing plans.

Design and Build

Carville provides a full service construction package, entailing a full turnkey solution, including interior design, structural and mechanical components.

General Contracting

When the clients have the design portion completed, Carville will be happy to provide a formal bid and provide General Contracting Services.

Construction Management

We will provide full scale construction management services from start to finish. We have access to highly respectable, experienced, and licensed sub-contractors.

We stay focused on our core Project Types

Carville Projects Inc. focuses on the office, retail, and industrial building sectors. We work very closely with our private clientele in order to develop the design and build process effectively. Our focus in a few niche sectors allows us to facilitate projects with much more efficiency.

Who are we?

Carville Projects Inc. focuses on solely managing and overseeing the different layers that go into a design and construction project. By having a database of experience, licensed, and reputable sub-contractors and consultants at our disposal we are able to coordinate and delegate the entire process from start to finish from strictly a managerial perspective. This model allows us to be entirely client focused by allocating time to our client’s needs.

Tenant Improvements








Building Maintenance Services.

Carville Projects Inc. has developed a specific division that solely focuses on minor building maintenance services. Our efficient and nimble process allows us to follow up with any service call within hours, come to the building site to assess the issue, and finally schedule the job to be completed. This division focuses on repairs such as: minor mechanical issues, lock replacements, window and door replacements, minor roof repairs, and other minor services that need immediate attention. Please call us to discuss our highly beneficial Building Maintenance Program.

  • Sarah


    Carville Projects renovated our Industrial offices Last year. They helped us with the design, permit application, and complete construction management. We were very happy with their service.

  • Alex


    Nicholas and his designers did an excellent job re-designing my dated optometry clinic. They managed the building permit process for us and made the process feel very turnkey.

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